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I Need to Take a Cold Shower

I’ve been feeling in a rut lately. I have so many dreams and goals I want to accomplish and it feels as if I’ll never get there. Is this true or is it just my brain playing games on me? They say the key to happiness is progress; I believe this to be true. Up until recently I never really sat down and wrote my goals. I mean, I have but then I lose the sheet or notebook I wrote them down on, etc.

Ink It

Today, I’m determined to write down my goals for 30 days straight. I’ll write down up to ten goals and write them down the next day without looking at what I wrote the previous day. Doing this will help me focus and actually review my goals on a daily basis . One of them is to write more for Letters To Becca so here I am, just building my empire one post at a time. Another goal of mine is to have an editor for my blog by September of this year. I enjoy writing but it’d be nice to have someone review my work for grammatical errors which I know are plenty for my writing. I want an editor that won’t strip me of my voice but will enhance and make my writing more enjoyable and, of course, grammatically correct.

What are some of your goals?
Do you take the time to write down what you want for your life?

Studies have proven (I don’t know what studies but they’re out there.) if you write down your goals, you’re more likely to accomplish them. I’ve debated on whether or not to share my goals and recently I was having a conversation over text with Esperanza from Latina Money Moms. If you haven’t yet discovered LMM let me tell you, you’re missing out! She and her sister, Crystal, talk about everything finance and I mean everything! Anything from budgeting, to saving, to debt, to spending. I think it’s pretty cool how transparent they are about their finances. I stumbled upon their page at the perfect time! I genuinely believe it wasn’t a coincidence being that I’m on my journey to get out of debt. It can be so easy to spend your money and not know where it’s going. They teach you to tell your money what to do so it works for you and not the other way around! I completely went off on a tangent here but I promise they will add some real value to your life. Back to the point. I was having a conversation with her about goals and writing them down and just putting it out into the universe. That’s the first step to attracting what you want into your life. She challenged me to share one of my biggest dreams on social media. I had mixed feelings about this because some success coaches, self-help books, etc. tell you to write them down and be careful who you talk to about your dreams, but I do believe in the law of attraction at the same time. I decided to take her challenge and share some goals. Not my biggest goals, yet, but some of my goals.

Do Something

This is my action to attracting what I want into my life. I’ve written down about ten goals; I'll share three of those goals below. I’ll update you periodically to let you know where I’m at with these goals.

1. Take a ten second cold shower every morning for 3 days straight (then a week).

Why? In order to discipline my body and brain into waking up I must do something that will be very uncomfortable. Doing this will help train my brain to tell my body what to do and to train my body into knowing that whatever my brain says to do, it WILL do. Doing this will be very uncomfortable and a complete shock to my body, but knowing I’m in control of what my body does and doesn't do will be empowering. And, well, maybe I'll actually be able to meditate for 5 minutes without falling asleep.

2. Read 10 pages every day.

Why? I know in order to grow and learn I must read every day. I listen to audio books but the act of reading a physical book is satisfying. Plus, I get to highlight and take notes. It's such a privilege to be able to read and this is something most take for granted. I don't want to be one of those people.

3. Save $100 for the month of April

Why? $100 may or may not seem like a lot of money to you. To me, saving $100 means I’m telling my money what to do. $100 is way less than 10% of my income. I’m starting small to get in the habit of actually saving and changing my money mindset. I grew up not really knowing anything about money except that we didn’t have it and it wasn’t easily obtainable. Today I believe I have complete control and also have the ability to create, attract, and easily obtain money. I must get in the habit of saving money. This will create an abundance mentality and quickly chip away at the scarcity mentality I grew up with.

These are three small goals I have for the month of April. I’m striving to be a better version of myself while keeping in mind that the key to happiness is progress! What are some of your goals? Do you like to share your goals or keep them hidden?

Talk soon,


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Dina Nath Batasa
Dina Nath Batasa
Mar 29, 2023

My dear darling daughter remember you ❤. Love


Apr 06, 2019

Ruth, this was beautifully written! I am so happy that you are sharing some of your goals! Getting them out in the open is a big step and now that they are out there, your actions that follow will bring in great success! You got this, I know it!

I am excited to read your follow up next month and see your progress!

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