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Today I'm Grateful For

Ever had a day that seems to be going wrong the minute you wake up? Today's that day for me. It's been thing after thing that seemingly keeps going wrong for me. They say you attract what you focus on, so I decided to stop dead in my tracks and start going through the things I'm grateful for. You can't be angry and grateful at the same time. It's impossible. Gratitude drives out anger, fear, worry, etc. I know this, so I'm focusing on everything I have to be grateful for today.

I'm Grateful...

  1. For days when my cup of coffee tastes magical.

  2. For the flexibility I have in my job.

  3. For my very patient husband that puts up with me when I’m feeling ugly, fat, or when I’m not in the best mood or even pleasant to be around.

  4. For my healthy children and their can-do anything attitude and personality.

  5. For the few true and loyal friends that are in my life.

  6. For the big dreams and goals I know I'll accomplish.

  7. For the knowledge that I will accomplish my purpose in this life.

  8. For the abundance of resources I have to create the life I want.

  9. For the crisp water I can drink at work.

  10. For my journey toward paying off my debt.

  11. For Esperanza and her willingness and passion to help others understand the importance of a budget and getting out of debt.

  12. For my house.

  13. For the money that’s coming to us to fix our AC at home.

  14. For the deodorant in my backpack.

  15. For my mom still being alive.

  16. For my health and ability to exercise and stay fit.

  17. For the 14 picture frames I was able to buy at a much lower price than I ever thought I’d pay.

  18. For technology.

  19. For the books that have changed my life.

  20. For the hope that's in Jesus.

There's always something to be grateful for; you just have to stop and take a moment to look for it.

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1 comentario

09 may 2019

oh my soul sister! As I'm reading through your grateful list, I was literally thanking God for bringing me such an incredible friend in my life and then I saw you added my name to the list! Tears! Aw and your list is so so so beautiful from the coffee to the picture frames and of course, Jesus! xooxoox

Me gusta
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